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Ankle Sprain Treatment in Astoria

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Treating Ankle Sprains in Astoria

Ankle Sprain Treatment in Astoria
Ankle Sprain Treatment in Astoria

The feeling of an ankle sprain is obvious, though not always distinct. You may have a hairline bone fracture or muscle strain. But what you know for certain is that your ankle is injured. At Astoria Foot Care Group PC, our foot doctor will examine your ankle, take x-rays, and make an assessment of how to move forward with treatment.

Even if you only have minimal discomfort, it is a good idea to come in promptly. A mild problem can easily become a severe one. You simply should not ignore an ankle sprain, and you should not put pressure on it if you can avoid it. When you come in, our foot doctor will determine the nature of your injury and our ankle sprain treatment in Astoria will then depend on the severity of it based on the examination and testing that was done. Or many cases, the RICE method is very effective. Those four letters stand for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Rest means staying off the foot. Use ice to reduce swelling. Our foot doctor will wrap your ankle, which takes care of the compression. And if you can, there is great benefit to keeping your ankle elevated over your head for two to three hours per day. You will be equipped with crutches or a walker to make certain that you are not stressing the joint by putting your weight on it. The good news is that our ankle sprain treatment in Astoria will not be in the form of surgery unless you have torn the ligaments in addition to the sprain, or you have sustained an injury that is not a sprain after all.

In order to take advantage of our ankle sprain treatment in Astoria, simply contact our office and we will ensure that you are seen in a timely manner.

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