Astoria hydrotherapy

Astoria Hydrotherapy

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What is hydrotherapy in Astoria

According to the American Podiatric Association, nearly three quarters of all Americans live with some type of foot pain. For over 30 years, the doctors of Astoria Foot Care Group PC, Drs. Steven Mermelstein and Eugene Y. Kim, have been providing exceptional podiatric care to generations of patients in Astoria and surrounding areas to ease their foot pain. As technology has advanced and podiatric care has changed, these innovative doctors have led the charge. Using the latest in state of the art equipment, these talented foot doctors have helped their patients overcome both major and minor foot conditions. The use of Astoria hydrotherapy is a sample of the modalities and procedures they use to achieve success in podiatric care. From a routine check-up to diabetic foot care and surgery, we are equipped to treat all your foot care needs.

There are a multitude of conditions that can be treated by using Astoria hydrotherapy, or a whirlpool. One of its primary functions is pain reduction without the use of medications or any unwanted side effects. And since foot pain is problematic for many people, the use of hot or cold water is a non-invasive and very effective remedy. Chronic pain from arthritis is also minimized by this modality. Heated water can improve range of motion while cold or contrasting water is used to reduce swelling. This is recommended within 24 hours of a foot injury to control and limit swelling. We see a lot of foot wounds and find that hydrotherapy is a safe and comfortable way to clean the wound. The whirlpool effect also aids in tissue healing. The powerful effect of the water helps heal soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains.

Astoria hydrotherapy can also be used in tandem with other therapies such as after therapeutic exercises have been done. The swirling waters facilitate healing by improving circulation and reducing edema. With fast acting results over a short period of time, the use of hydrotherapy reduces recovery time. Podiatry whirlpools can be portable, so you don’t have to change rooms when you come in for your visit. All of our patients, both young and old, who use our hydrotherapy treatments feel better faster and find the therapy to be relaxing. For those of you who experience foot pain, heel pain, Morton’s neuroma, arthritis, have sustained a foot injury, or have diabetes can benefit tremendously from our therapeutic whirlpools. Give us a call today to learn if podiatric hydrotherapy is right for you.

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