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Astoria Laser Foot Doctor

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Laser treatment of ingrown nails and warts in Astoria

For over 30 years, the doctors of Astoria Foot Care Group PC, Drs. Steven Mermelstein and Eugene Y. Kim, have been providing exceptional podiatric care to generations of patients in Astoria and surrounding areas. As technology has advanced and podiatric care has changed, these innovative doctors have led the charge. Using the latest in state of the art equipment, these Astoria laser foot doctor have helped their patients overcome both major and minor foot conditions. The use of lasers to treat ingrown toenails and warts is a sample of the modalities and procedures they use to achieve success in podiatric care. From a routine check-up to diabetic foot care and surgery, we are equipped to treat all your foot care needs.

An ingrown toenail occurs when a corner of the nail grows into the flesh of the toe, causing redness and swelling, followed by pain and often infection. Ingrown toenails can occur due to improper trimming of the toenail, trauma or genetic factors. Depending on the cause, duration, and severity of the problem, treatments can include laser therapy, soaks, antibiotics or temporary clipping of the ingrown section of the nail. Many times correction is needed to permanently solve this problem. After treatment, patients can wear their own shoes immediately and resume almost all activities. Treatment for ingrown toenails is performed by gently numbing the toe, and then removing the offending corner of the nail. If you have chronic ingrown toenails, the Astoria laser foot doctor can remove the root in the office to permanently prevent re-growth of the ingrown portion of the nail.

The Astoria Foot Care Group offers many wart removal treatment options. Plantar warts are a common foot condition that we treat in our practice. If you have one or more growths on the bottom of your foot that may or may not be painful, chances are it’s a plantar wart. These warts are caused by a virus and can spread easily. You may notice little black dots in the wart. People sometimes think these dots are splinters. They are actually the blood vessels that nourish the wart. You can get viral warts anywhere you walk barefoot, especially in public locales. The Astoria laser foot doctor has several treatment options for plantar warts, such as laser therapy. The type of treatment received depends upon the patient’s needs. If you think you have one or more plantar warts, immediate care to have them removed prevents them from multiplying. For state of the art procedures in a welcoming environment, choose Astoria Foot Care Group for all of your family’s podiatric needs.

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