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Foot Doctor in Jackson Heights

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Wound care in Jackson Heights

Foot doctor in Jackson Heights
Foot doctor in Jackson Heights

Taking care of your health is important, so staying on top of pertinent concerns should be a major priority. When it comes to foot health, people with certain conditions can develop issues like wounds, sores, and blisters that require frequent (if not constant) care. When it comes to wound care, our foot doctor in Jackson Heights here at Astoria Foot Care Group PC can make sure that everything is being done to help your condition as well as everything that is needed to help you recover too.

Here at our offices, our foot experts Dr. Mermelstein and Dr. Kim have been serving the Jackson Heights area for years. They not only provide comprehensive foot care, offering treatment for issues like heel pain or bunions, but they also provide diabetes foot care. Diabetes is a serious blood condition that affects various processes and areas within the body. Diabetes tends to have a particular effect on the extremities, so foot health is a major area of concern for people with the disease. People with diabetes are more likely to experience foot health complications such as loss of circulation, nerve damage, cracked feet, and even open wounds like blisters and ulcers. Diabetes makes infection more common and more likely, so issues like wounds and blisters can become very serious. Open wounds can easily become infected and lead to more serious damage and health problems. Here at Astoria Foot Care Group PC, you can meet with either foot doctor in Jackson Heights to get the care you need, whether it is wound-specific or for overall diabetic foot care. In the most severe cases, untreated diabetes complications of the foot can lead to toe or foot amputation, so treatment is absolutely imperative.

Our doctors here at Astoria Foot Care Group PC have offered comprehensive foot care for over 30 years, so if you need diabetic foot care or wound care, we are more than happy to help. To see either foot doctor in Jackson Heights, all you have to do is give our offices a call.

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